Our Team

All combined, we bring 75 years of cycling experience to Dogpatch and greater SF.




Fred has nicknamed himself the “Old Man of the shop”. An industry “Lifer”, Fred has spent the last 35 years riding and wrenching on bikes.  Fred got his start working in the bicycle shop at the ripe old age of 13. After working his way around bike shops in the Bay Area, Fred moved to Specialized Headquarters. Ultimately Fred realized that his calling was to be in front of the bicycle rider, so he dove back into the retail world (lucky for us!) Ironically, no one has actually seen Fred on a bike….



A common theme, Christian got his first bike for Christmas at age 9 and has been hooked since.  For years Christian found his passion in mountain biking. He loved the ability to take his bike beyond the limitations of a vehicle and explore the outdoors. Christian has recently moved to road bikes where he has traded trail jumps to feed his passion for speed. Prior to joining Velocipede, Christian was wrenching on bikes in the East Bay. He can not imagine work and play not being one.



It’s safe to say that Rico has spent more time on a bike than on his own 2 feet. Rico’s first love is cyclocross. He is an avid cyclocross rider and racer. In addition to cyclocross Rico loves to ride mountain, road and touring. (If you haven’t guessed, Rico does his best to spend to spend all his free time on a bike.) If not riding (doubtful) his 2nd passion is to be outdoors. An ideal weekend would be spent riding, sleeping outdoors and having his morning coffee out in the great wide open.



For Brendan, AKA “b-Rocket” the 5 mile bike ride to grade school was never a chore. (Yes, 5 miles!) Instead it fueled his life-long passion for riding. From BMX, to mountain and now road, he dove into each headfirst, pushing himself competitively and personally. Finally taking a leap of faith, Brendan left the office to pursue the industry full time. 2nd only to cycling is Brendan’s passion for sharing the sport and helping others achieve their goals. When not at the shop you can catch b-Rocket climbing the biggest hill he can find…